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Voice Demo Voice Sample

Any person whose Voice Box has been removed due to one or other Reason, faces following unexpressable pains,viz.

  • He/she cannot express his /her daily needs vocally
  • He/she cannot express his/her feelings to his/her nears & dears
  • He/she remains psychologically depressed due to loss of speech.
  • M/s. SUMIT ENTERPRISE, Jamnagar, has ventured to help these persons by introducing a voice device known as
  • The person whose voice box (Larynx)has been removed or he/she can not speak temporarily, due to one or other reason.
  • This Device can be used by the person who is mentally healthy and his/her
    mouth and tongue are working normally
  • This device is, simply, to be touched on the outer surface of the neck.
  • No surgery of any nature whatsoever is needed for using this device.

This device is prepared by using latest technology.

  • Very easy to operate, light weight and also elegant looking.
  • All required strem quality standards are used in this voice Modulator.
  • The cost of Voice Modulator is VERY ECONOMICAL
  • While using this device, the mono - sonic sound speech is clearly heard.
  • 9v Only Machine
    (9v Charger And 9v Battery are easily available in market)
  • 6v Machine + Twice 6v Battery + 1 Charger


This amplifier is specially made for those people who have to work / perform duty in constantly voice polluted atmosphere. The user of this amplifier can easily work under highly voice polluted atmosphere because the volume of the voice is amplified to a greater by this amplifier.
The handling and usage of this amplifier is absolutely simple. This amplifier is just like a small box which is being kept in a pouch. This can be strapped around the belly. Its head Phone is connected with the amplifier by means of wire. The amplifier is equipped with a volume control connected with ON/OFF switch. The volume control can be adjusted to any desired voice level.

A 09 [nine] volts (DC) battery is kept inside the amplifier. This battery is easily available in the market.

Voice Modulator Video Demo

Speech Aid
Voice Demo Voice Sample

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